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Lehrstuhl für Allgemeinen Maschinenbau

Tribologielabor / Tribology Lab - Test Equipment

Rotary motion (TE92, TE92HS):

  • Test configuration: ring-on-disc, pin/ball-on-disc, journal bearing adapter, pin-on-vee block adapter
  • Speed (0-6,000 rpm), highlight: start/stopp tribosimulations; Normal loading (100 – 10.000 N)
  • Temperature: RT – 230°C; Lubrication: unlubricated or splash lubrication
  • Measurement: µ, wear, seizure behaviour, temperature, contact resistance, acoustic emissions, etc.

Linear motion (TE77, Linear tribometer AMB 1):

  • Test configuration: pin-on-plate, ball-on-plate, block-on-plate
  • Stroke: 50 µm (for fretting wear applications) to 25 mm (for piston ring/cylinderliner applications) to 100 mm (for characterisation of static friction characteristics)
  • Normal loading: 100 – 3,000 N; Temperature: RT – 300°C
  • Lubrication: unlubricated or drip feed lubrication
  • Measurement: friction µ, wear, temperature, contact resistance, fretting resistance, characterisation of static friction characteristics, etc.

Rolling Contact Fatigue & Efficiency/Traction (3-Disc AMB, 2-Disc AMB):

  • Test configuration: 2-Disc, 3-Disc
  • Loading: 0.5 – 2.5 GPa (line contact with 5-10 mm contact width)
  • Speed: 0 – 5,000 rpm; Slip-to-Roll Ratio: 0 – 100%
  • Lubrication: drip feed lubrication or unlubricated
  • Measurement: RCF behaviour, number of cycles to failure, wear, traction, frictional losses µ, temperature, contact resistance, etc.

Back-to-back gear test rig (FZG (for endurance) & AMB (for endurance and efficiency AMB Patent AT516367B1)):

  • Test configuration: back to back gear test rig
  • FZG: torque up to 580 Nm, Speed up to 2,500 rpm
  • AMB: torque up to 140 Nm, Speed up to 2,000 rpm
  • Lubrication: splash lubrication & unlubricated (AMB)
  • Measurement: flank load carrying capacity, number of cycles to failure, seizure load limit, wear and efficiency (frictional losses) (AMB Patent AT516367B1)

Manufacturer: Phoenix Tribology, Strama MPS, etc.